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Latest Update ... DECEMBER 2021

You will probably be aware, that some of the previous government restrictions are now back in place, because of concerns over the new Omicron variant.


The new rules about mask wearing only apply, at the time of writing, to shops and transport.

I do not consider the therapy room to be a shop, and so I will not be enforcing mask wearing by clients. Mask wearing is quite an obstruction to productive therapy.  If, however, as a client, you would like to wear a mask, it remains entirely your choice.  

Also, in case it worries you, I will NOT be asking you about your vaccine status.

That said, it obviously makes sense to continue with common-sense precautionary actions; social distancing, routine hand sanitisation, etc.

These precautions have continued to be observed throughout the pandemic period, and will continue within the clinic environment.

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