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for...       BEATING THE FEAR


No matter what your irrational fear,  no matter how long you've had it, it can be removed .

Quickly and Easily.

Many times, people can learn to live with a phobia, simply by avoiding the object of their fear.

But, when something happens in life, that means you just can’t avoid it anymore.

Then You Have a Problem !


Often the biggest problem with phobia, is

the embarrassment

of the reaction when in public. Because there is a part of you, the smart, intelligent, rational part of you, that knows that this crazy reaction to [fill in your own phobic trigger here] is ridiculous!

And you know that other people will think it ridiculous too.


No one likes to look foolish right? 


Especially if in all other areas of your life you are calm, in control, and a safe pair of hands. Then it can seem that this thing just lets you down.

Maybe its time to get this sorted out?   
Wedding 2.jpg

Imagine that you have had a life-long fear of flying, and that has been ok because you could simply stay at home, or only travelled as far as you could drive. You told yourself that you had no desire to travel to far flung exotic places, and you convinced everyone else too. But then one of you children, all grown up now, tells you they are getting married, and the wedding is going to be on a far-off foreign beach.


The only way to get to the wedding of your beloved child is to FLY!




Suddenly that phobia seems a very big problem, right?

Hypnotherapy and associated techniques have been successfully used for centuries to deal with phobia. 
Everything from Arachnids to Zombies

(yeah, phobia of zombies is real. It’s called Kinemortophobia)

Zombie at the door.jpg

Phobias are often belittled and joked about by people who do not understand how seriously life-restricting they can become. 

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