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Frequently Asked Questions


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What does hypnosis feel like?


Hypnosis is a Trance State.

The state of trance is a natural experience. It is a combination of deep relaxation and focused attention. You do not go to sleep, and you can stay aware of what is happening if you choose. It's a little like day-dreaming or a guided meditation.

  Afterwards, people usually feel refreshed, happy, and unburdened.


Can you make me do something I am not comfortable with?



Hypnosis is a safe and pleasant experience. Despite how it appears on stage, a Hypnotist can not 'make you' do anything, especially if something is against your personal moral or ethical beliefs.


Will I remember the session afterwards.


You will have the capability to remember all that has happened during your time in Hypnosis.

Sometimes a client will choose not to consciously monitor what the therapist is saying and remain happily unaware of the words that have been spoken to them in the trance state.  This will not affect the impact of the therapy.


What will it cost?


Prices are based on a fee per session. A session is typically 90 minutes and the current fee is  displayed on the FEES page.

The amount of sessions required will vary from person to person, depending on the issue that is presented.


Will you make me reveal my innermost secrets?


You will only reveal the information that you want to reveal. In a typical session, the therapist will need to gather relevant information before you go into trance. This will help the therapy be more effective. The more open you can be the more the chances of a successful outcome. Once in a state of trance, you would not usually be asked to verbalise anything, but if for some reason you were asked to do so, you would maintain control of what you say.


Is treatment available on the NHS?


Generally speaking, Hypnotherapy is viewed as an alternative treatment and is paid for privately. Some health authorities will cover the cost of therapy in certain situations, It would be best to ask your GP if this is available to you.


Still haunted by the past?


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