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Things like getting deeply engrossed in a movie or a book,


         getting ‘lost in music’,

             or just pondering really deeply…

all naturally occurring trance states.  

When the trance state is produced deliberately,


 Sometimes it’s a formal relaxation. sometimes it’s a conversation that gets deep and kind'a spacey, and leads to new insights or emotional release.

Sometimes it’s a playful imagining.

Sometimes it’s a forgotten dream.

Its almost always, a pleasant experience

When I use Hypnosis for a client, the method will differ, depending on the person in the room
Some want to go into a deeply relaxed state.  
I can do that for you.

Others are wary of going into trance, in which case I may use a 'conversational technique', that wont even seem like I'm doing anything at all. 

Still works.....  sometimes BETTER!!

I just choose whatever works for you

If you still have questions, try here…

Or, Just call me 

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