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The primary expectation is that everything that happens, or is discussed, within the context of the therapeutic relationship (including the initial assessment, as well as any consequent therapy sessions) will be treated as strictly confidential.   

It is important to understand that there are some exceptions to this position.


  • If information is disclosed which would indicate that the client is likely to cause harm to themselves or another, the appropriate authorities would be informed in order to prevent that harm taking place.

  • In circumstances where the therapist is legally bound to supply information they hold (for example if a warrant is issued by a court of law) then information will be provided to the authorities in order to comply with the law.

If you are concerned that your particular issue may be effected by these limitations, and need further clarification, please call and discuss the matter anonymously in the first instance.

Where appropriate, written notes may be kept by the therapist. These notes will become the property of the therapist, and are for the use of the therapist in the provision of service to the client. Notes will not contain the client’s name, and will be kept securely according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Further information about your rights under GDPR can be easily found on many websites including  .

The notes may be kept after the treatment period has ended for the purpose of professional development. It is generally considered good practice for a therapist to take part in regular supervision. Any notes produced may be selected for use in supervision and anonymity will be maintained throughout.

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