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Once you have an understanding of a mind-body connection, you will find that many physical improvements are possible through hypnosis.

This therapy involves training the client in some basic self-hypnosis technique and instruction to allow the client to target the problem area.

After a small number of sessions, the client can usually take over their own treatment. They can always come back for a top up if needed

"Although controversial, experience tells me that natural physical healing can be ‘assisted’ with the power of regular trance work".


Most people will recognise from their own observations, that a positive outlook tends to promote a healthy immune system, which in-turn, equips the body to better fight off infectious diseases.   

  • Soft tissue sporting injury

  • Recover from surgery or accident

  • Persistent joint pain

  • Skin condition

  • and more

When a body has an injury, rather than an illness, a natural healing process takes place.
With the assistance of  Hypnotic Trance, the healing may be speeded up and recovery times are shortened.

"Don’t misunderstand me, this will not take away the need to exercise, stretch or diet (depending on your condition) but it can boost the result of these activities, leading to faster recovery, and increased natural motivation to do what you need to do, with energy and enthusiasm... And of course, all with out the use of further medication"

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