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for...       TRAUMA

You will see from my Biography

 that I have had some extensive experience dealing with victims of crime, and it is very common to see people left traumatised from these cases.


Sometimes decades after the event (e.g. cases of historic child abuse) victims are still haunted by memories and their lives are marred with disastrous relationships, work problems, commitment issues, feelings of self-loathing, and more. 


Those issues of OBESITY, SMOKING, and other types of COMPULSIVE and DESTRUCTIVE  BEHAVIOUR, could all have a root here too.


of course, does not always come as the result of crime.


Any incident of extreme emotional content (most often fear) can become such a part of a person’s psyche that it just refuses to be left behind. It may be the sudden death of a loved one, or a deep feeling of being rejected, mistreated, abandoned, etc, ... the list goes on.


All these can leave emotional scars that may need dealing with.



Whether clients are formally diagnosed with PTSD or not, these issues can have dramatic effects on lives.

Palm Trees

Happiness can seem  SO .....




With a little help

you  can re-discover inner peace and be at ease again

(or perhaps for the first time ever)

in your own skin.



If you have been a victim of crime, you may be considering or already proceeding with a prosecution case. 

and you may be wondering if it is appropriate to seek therapy while the legal process is taking place. 

My focus in any work with you is to assist you to find peace again;
However, that said,
as an ex-police officer, I have specialist knowledge, in my understanding of both the legal process and the therapeutic pathway, and how they can effect each other. It can be a complex relationship, and it will vary with each individual case. 
If you are considering legal prosecution, but have not yet made a formal report, I  can also discuss the pros and cons with you. I can explain how one area impacts the other.
And then,  from there you can take control,
make decisions,
and move forward on whatever path you choose.
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