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After a very deep and profound meditation this morning, in which I was seeking guidance for the New Year ahead, I went into a sleep and had this dream. What are your thoughts on what this all means?

... I was in a house with a person I called ‘Dad’. [he isn’t my actual Dad and neither looked or acted anything like him] He was a grumpy old fellow, belligerent and confused through age. He was complaining about being ripped off; something to do with spectacles. As we talked, I began to suspect that he had been sold some add-on’s and was now regretting it, and I was asking him questions to try and find some clarification, but getting no answers.

We moved through the building and suddenly the house became a shop. A large open shop with big plate glass windows. It reminded me of a hi-end HiFi shop, and now there were lots more people, some family but not all. And they were making a lot of noise. I tried to explain my point by role-playing selling an item to a passing young man, it was a bicycle that for some reason, happened to be there in the shop.

I said ‘so you bought the bike, now I have some nice mirrors that would look good on that, or some lights maybe’. The young man didn’t interact and help me out at all. I turned to Dad, but he was now some distance away and there was even more noise and more people and I was frustrated at not being able to express myself. I went over to Dad and told him I would come back to speak to him another time and I left the shop, and went onto the street. At that point I became aware that my adult son was with me, although we didn’t speak.

The street was a busy city centre street and it was raining hard. Just on the corner I could see down the city street where there was a pedestrian crossing. The rain had started to cause flooding and water was running down the street like a stream and was pooling on the crossing by the opposite pavement. A car drove through it and caused a huge splash. The car went much deeper than expected and the water was up to the bottom of the windows. Another car followed but swerved around the centre of the pool. It skidded and slewed across the road. We both laughed at the scene. Then a third car, a white Sierra [don’t ask me how I knew that- I just did, as you do in dreams] approached the pool head on and the front end again dipped deep into the water. There were 2 people in the car. The front end kept going down and the road opened up like a small earthquake, cracking from one side of the road to the other, and the car went into it vertically, leaving the rear end sticking up above ground. Water poured into the hole like a waterfall, and the water rose to the level of the windscreen. I was fearful that the people would drown but felt unable to do anything to help.

Another car manoeuvred around the site of the chaos and simply drove on. Crowds gathered and watched and took pictures and video, but no one helped. A double decker bus approached the crossing and drove cautiously over the rear end of the car like it was speed bump in the road before continuing on its way. The boot of the car was left creased and squashed down. Another bus drove on to the pavement on the opposite side to get by, forcing pedestrians to move aside to let it through.

I suddenly felt compelled to do something to help, and I approached the hole. As I got closer there was suddenly a plastic barrier erected and blue lights and people in hi-vis jackets all dealing with the situation. Nothing more for me to do. The street had been cordoned off now leaving a small narrow corridor of pavement for people to use and there was huge number of people trying to get through as I tried to leave the area…

Then I woke up.

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